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Self Defence Classes: Important Life Skills

13th October 2017

Self Defence Classes: Important Life Skills
The outbreak of phone snatching, acid attacks and street theft in London makes the city streets a dangerous place. Learning self defence is a valuable survival skill.

There has been a surge in phone-snatch crimes across London. In Islington alone, more than 300 phones are snatched every month. There has been a huge jump in knife crime, with at least 8,000 crimes committed over 12 months that involved the use of knives.

Attacks are often carried out on unsuspecting citizens, many unaware that they are about to lose their valuable iPhone or laptop. In some cases, people are having their lives threatened by kids as young as 13!

The real issue is that it can happen to anyone, and although the police are trying their best to stop this activity it can happen anywhere. You need to learn how to protect yourself.

London Streets are a Playground for Gangs

Moped crimes are common. People are getting hurt. Londoners can reduce their risk of physical attack by enrolling in a self defence class.

These classes are designed to help people understand how to defend themselves, and more importantly, they teach people of all ages how to identify potentially dangerous situation.

Who is vulnerable to attack?

People think that self defence is for women and children. They have an "it won't happen to me" attitude. But perpetrators of these kind of attacks are opportunists, and will attack anyone who is vulnerable or simply not focusing on their surroundings. This means that people of any age or sex - male, female, young or old, are all potential victims.

Many of these attacks happen on the streets in broad daylight. It can happen anywhere - recent news broadcasts have highlighted London as a key area, but it's happening in major cities across the UK

Many of the attackers are young teenagers members of gangs who do not discriminate. Everyone is a fair target!

What you can expect to learn in a Self Defence Class

Most people think that learning self defence is about learning how to physically defend oneself. The reality is that they focus on learning how to avoid an attack. How to avoid situations or places that you leave you vulnerable.

Physiology and awareness play an important part in keeping to safe.

Learning how to physically defend yourself will give you confidence to handle an attacker but avoid an attack in the first place puts you in a safer place.

Where can I find a Self Defence class?

Most martial arts clubs offer self defence classes. Use the Martial Arts Near You search to find a class in London, Manchester, and other major cities and towns in the UK.