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Self defence for children: why your kids should try martial arts

23rd October 2014

Self defence for children: why your kids should try martial arts
We all worry about our children. As the nights draw darker and winter sets in, there is always a little more worry involved in children being outside in the dark compared to those bright and sunny summers nights. Martial arts can provide your child with the right ways to defend themselves should a situation occur where they need to use protection.

A recent incident reported widely across the news details how a 14 year old girl was able to defend herself and escape an attacker as she walked through a park on her way home, all thanks to martial arts.

The girl, unnamed, was able to fend off a 35 year old man (who was 24 years her senior) by using the skills she had learnt in her martial arts classes, returning home unharmed. The girl was able to break free from her attacker, and proceeded to use the techniques learnt through her martial arts classes which helped her to defend herself and walk away unharmed.

Whilst it shouldn't alarm you that your child is going to be in a similar situation, it is a great idea to provide your child with the skills to defend themselves, should the need arise.

A common misconception of martial arts is that it can be too aggressive, as well as parents worrying that their child might use their self defence skills in inappropriate ways. What martial arts does in terms of self defence roots much deeper than this.

Martial arts for self defence not only equips your child with the tools to remove themselves from a potentially dangerous situation; martial arts also focuses on strict discipline, control and calmness. This is transferred from practices where the student has to learn respect in their chosen martial art. They have to exhibit restraint, control and discipline when practising martial arts in order to perform in a safe and effective way.

All forms of martial arts promote self defence, whether it be escaping from a hold or practising a move which can disarm a rival. Martial arts provides your child with forward thinking and the skills to enable them to remove themselves from a dangerous situation. This is a skill your child will carry with them throughout a life time; so why not let your kid try a martial art today!

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