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Special offer! FREE Martial arts class in Richmond Upon Thames, Middlesex

2nd June 2014

Special offer! FREE Martial arts class in Richmond Upon Thames, Middlesex
Whether you're looking for a Mixed Martial Arts class, Brazilian Jiue-Jitsu class or Kick boxing class in Richmond Upon Thames, Combat Company have one for you!

Combat Company is a family friendly Martial Arts studio in Richmond Upon Thames serving Hounslow, Mortlake, Sheen and St Margret.

Combat Company aim to make Martial Arts more accessible by providing Martial Arts classes for everyone at a reasonable price.

Their Martial Arts classes include:
Kickboxing classes, boxing classes , Brazillian Jiu Jitsu classes (BJJ), Mixed Martial Arts classes

Combat Company's Martial Arts classes are a great for developing and building self esteem, confronting your fears and protecting yourself or your child from confrontation.

Special Offer!

Join Combat Company for a Martial Arts class in Richmond Upon Thames and get your first class FREE!

Click the link below to visit their page and book your free Martial Arts class and for more information about their Kickboxing classes, boxing classes, Mixed Martial Arts classes or Brazillian Jiu Jitsu classes in Richmond Upon Thames, Middlesex.

Please note all special offers and discounts are subject to vendor discretion and may be removed at any point.