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Stay safe on the streets by learning Krav Maga

25th January 2016

Stay safe on the streets by learning Krav Maga
Most Martial Arts styles were developed thousands of years ago and have some kind of Asian origin. Karate stems from Japan, Taekwondo is Korean and Wing Chun is Chinese for example. Most other globally popular Martial Arts have similar roots. However one that is bucking the trend and was actually developed in Western civilisation is Krav Maga. Even though it is not technically considered to be a martial art in the traditional sense of the word, it is one of the most popular systems of modern self-defence and is focused on equipping your average person with the ability to defend themselves in day to day situations.

The history of Krav Maga
It was founded by Jewish wrestler 'Imi Litchfield' in the 1930's and he used it to help protect Jewish neighbourhoods in Czechoslovakia during the anti-Semitic riots post World War One. As a professional youth wrestler and well trained boxer, Litchfield identified the need for a fighting style that would be more adaptable to the more brutal nature of street fighting. This is when he first began developing the style that is now known as Krav Maga.
In 1940, Litchfield, fearing for his safety, took his family and migrated to Israel, where he joined a military organisation that protected Jewish people. Four years later, he began to teach other members of the special forces his Krav Maga techniques. Another four years later, he was appointed to be the chief instructor at the Israeli Defence Federation's School of Combat Fitness.

Since then it has become widely practiced by military and police forces. It is a highly effective form of self-defence, which teaches how to neutralise an opponent in real world scenarios.

What will you learn in a Krav Maga class?
As mentioned previously, Krav Maga is all about street fighting. About having the physical technique and the know how when it comes to taking on an opponent in combat. Krav Maga is not practiced in competition. Other than in training, it is purely taught to be used when needed.

The first important thing it will teach you is to have better perceptual awareness. This means you can sense danger before it occurs and prevent the situation escalating. Training is focused on pragmatic self-defence and teaches how to defend yourself against a variation of opponents, for example different levels of experience and different sizes.
The aim is to deal with these situations as quickly as possible. To do this, students will learn combinations of grappling and striking techniques that will help prevent oncoming attacks and also successfully disarm an opponent, should they be carrying a weapon. Students learn how to defend against punches, kicks, choke holds and headlocks amongst other things. Importantly, it also teaches how to defend against an attack from behind, which is a common occurrence in a real attack.

Krav Maga has become particularly popular with women. If involved in a physical attack, women are often weaker than their opponent and not as big in stature. If you know Krav Maga, this isn't a problem. It will give them the ability, awareness and most importantly the confidence to deal with any situation.
Due to its real world applications there are arguments that Krav Maga is the most proven self-defence method around. It has now been tried and tested continuously for 70 years in practical situations. This is why it is used by over 500 military and law agencies worldwide.

How to find a Krav Maga class
Due to the increase in popularity of Krav Maga, finding a class is easy. There are many Martial Arts clubs in the UK with highly trained Martial Arts Instructors who offer a range of Krav Maga classes. To find a Krav Maga class, simply visit the Martial Arts Near You homepage and search using your postcode.

It's important to remember that Krav Maga isn't just for elite fighters. It's about the average person being able to defend themselves, so if you're a first timer, then it won't be difficult to find a beginners Krav Maga class. Alternatively if you have learnt before and want to get back into it, there are also advanced Krav Maga classes available across the UK.

Once you have found a class to suit you, simply contact the instructor or club and let them know you are interested. They'll be able to tell you a bit more about what Krav Maga involves and whether it would suitable for you.
If Krav Maga doesn't take your fancy then there are a whole variety of self-defence classes available. Taekwondo classes, Aikido classes and Judo classes are also great ways to learn how to defend yourself.
Source: Martial Arts Near You