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TaeKwon Do transformed Liams life

4th August 2015

TaeKwon Do transformed Liams life
Taekwondo classes are not just about learning a martial art. Taekwondo has the ability to transform kids with behavioural difficulties, struggling to focus or make friends into successful determined, fit and healthy young adults with positive and bright futures ahead of them.

Liam's Story

2nd degree black belt, Liam Cox's story proves that champions don't grow over night, hard work and knock backs are part of the journey to greatness.
A member of the Welsh National Team, with over 24 medals to his name, Liam's road to success hasn't always been as rewarding and straight forward as first meets the eye.

The struggle

At the age of 7 Liam's mum enrolled him into the Local Tae Kwon Do club to take part in an activity that would keep him fit and allow him to meet and make new friends.

Liam struggled in the early years, his behavioural difficulties making it difficult for him to focus and grasp the skills needed to progress through grades.

Struggling to focus or progress he quit the sport by the time he was 13.

But all was not lost, after taking 2 years off from Tae Kwon Do, Liam decided to give the martial art another go.

In a matter of weeks of TaeKwon Do training, Liam had caught the bug again and wanted to train all the time, getting involved with Tae Kwon Do Wales club as much as he could.

His decision helped him to successfully complete his Physical Education GCSE course.

Hard work breeds success

After a year of continuous training Liam successfully achieved his 1st degree black belt and went on to achieve his 2nd degree black belt 18 months later.
Liam began to enter more competitions and has achieved 24 medals since re-joining. As well as achieving other awards such as the ITF Wales Master's Shield in 2012 for his success at certain competitions, 2nd place overall 13-17 year old within competitions, a merit award and the Jack Thomas Award; within the club for being a good role model to younger students and achieving so highly.

On top of all this he recently became a fully qualified instructor which is a great achievement for an 18 year old.

European ambition

Initially, Liam's ultimate goal was to represent his country at the European Championships in Bled, Slovenia in 2013, this allowed him to focus on his goal and made him train really hard to achieve this.

Liam's ambition is now to represent Wales at the European Championship in Italy next year and to attend Gloucester University to study on a four year course in Sports Education.

Learning to Relax

Liam is now a far more relaxed, focused, determined, fit and healthy, with a bright future ahead of him.

Tae Kwon Do taught him the self control and perseverance which gave him the lifestyle change he needed to open his eyes to see how promising his future could be.

All his successes and goals have changed him from a little boy who never listened to a young adult with respect for his peers and instructors and new direction and focus in his life.

Change for the good

This story shows that champions don't grow over night, you have to go through pain, hard work and knock backs to achieve greatness.

Now a friendly, approachable, optimistic young man who is thought of highly by all members of the club and the local community. Liam always wants to help someone and puts others before himself. He is a credit to Tae Kwon Do Wales and is a good representation of how this specific martial art can change peoples lives for the better.

The Future

What Liam learnt is that life not a destination but a journey and his companion is Tae Kwon Do. He acknowledges the importance of taekwondo in his life. His greatest ambition is to open his own Tae Kwon Do club help enable children and teenagers to become more focused and to change their attitude to life... like his was changed.

If you're looking for a Taekwon-do class in Wales, Taewon-Do Wales has eleven schools including: Abercarn Troedyrhiw, Bassaleg, Blackwood, Caerphilly, Hengoed, Fleur-De-Lis and Merthyr Vale. Click the link below to find out more.