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What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi classes practice slow-tempo combat techniques. Tai Chi classes are based on ancient Chinese Martial art of self defence. In the West, Tai Chi is mostly seen as a form of exercise and meditation, based on the Taoist philosophy of Yin and Yang. The legendary founder of Tai Chi Chuan was Jan San Feng.

Tai Chi movements (Forms) have their origins in the martial arts. Tai Chi classes effectively practice slow-tempo combat techniques.

Tai Chi students can become very adept at martial arts. Tai Chi emphasises techniques that direct aggressive energy away in the form of a kick or a punch which dissipates threat.

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Why should you attend a Tai Chi class?

Tai Chi classes use slow smooth gentle movements, increasing muscle flexibility and suppleness.

These slow movements aid relaxation and help to keep the mind calm and focused.

In today's high stress society this Tai Chi exercise is beneficial for many people.

Tai Chi teachers cover the full curriculum with form, pushing hands, applications and weapons. The majority of Tai Chi classes focus on developing the health aspect, concentrating on the hand form, Qigong exercises and meditation. A few offer Tai Chi as a ancient martial art form to students.

Who can benefit from attending Tai Chi classes?

Tai Chi Chuan is accessible to all ages and physical abilities. Older generations find Tai Chi classes the perfect way to stay fit and flexible. It can be practised on many levels, from 'meditative' exercises to a martial art! Tai Chi is perfect for the over 60s as it's low impact exercise that stretches muscles and maintains flexibility in the joints and muscles.

Around the world Tai Chi is practised by millions of people. Many businesses around the world encourage factory and office workers to take part in Tai Chi classes before their work begins. A gentle warm up before a busy day.

Why not check out our list of recognised Tai Chi Instructors and go along to your nearest class or club. Use the Tai Chi class or Club finder offering Tai Chi classes on this page.

How do I find a Tai Chi class or teacher?

The best website to find a Tai Chi Class is on the Martial Arts Near You. The platform has thousands of classes to choose from.

You can also find Tai Chi classes on NearYou.best

Find a local Tai Chi classes in London and other major UK cities use the martial art search directory on this page.