Tai Chi Gets a Boost by Chinese Billionaire

17th November 2017

Tai Chi Gets a Boost by Chinese Billionaire
Jack Ma, founder of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba stars in a newly released kung fu short film, titled 'Gong Shou Dao'. A movie made to promote Chinese culture and Tai Chi.

The film is based on the Chinese martial art form Tai Chi, a traditional Chinese martial art that involved grand, fluid movements and is widely practised for its defense training and health benefits.

The Art of Attack and Defense

"Gong Shou Sao" translates to "the art of attack and defense", a theme that is explored rather extravagantly during the 20-minute movie.

The short film sees 53-year-old Ma defeat a string of foes, including a sumo wrestler, weapons expert and wushu master, Jet Li. Ma uses Tai-chi, a traditional Chinese martial art that involved grand, fluid movements.

His opponents include Chinese martial artist Wu Jing, sumo wrestler Asashoryu Akinori and Chinese action star Jacky Heu.

Watch a Trailer for the Film:

Promoting Exercise and Wellness

Ma spoke out about the film, stating it's intentions to promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage cultural exchanges among people of different heritage.

Tai Chi, among other martial art forms, are a great way to get fit, and learn an ancient discipline that is based on control, respect and awareness. News stories sporadically proclaim tai chi’s health benefits, from boosting memory to slowing the progression of Parkinson’s.

It has been around for thousands of years, that in itself says something – if you don't get anything out of it then why do over 200 million Chinese people practice it? Despite no exact figures being published, there has been an incline of people practising the ancient martial art in the UK, too.

The Rich Culture of Martial Arts

None of the actors took a paycheck for their role in the movie. The makers simply aimed to share Chinese culture with the rest of the world, paying homage to an ancient art form that is a key part of their heritage.

Executive producer Jet Li has been quoted saying "We all have the same dream with the aim to promote China's excellent traditional culture and a tribute to the predecessors in the field of Taiji, Kung Fu and Martial Arts. The timing seems to be perfect and everyone involved in this project was so enthusiastic in making it happen."

Inspired 'Gong Shou Dao' the movie?

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