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Taking a kickboxing class should be your New Year resolution

8th December 2015

Taking a kickboxing class should be your New Year resolution
With January just around the corner, most people are thinking it's about time to take up a new hobby. “New year, new me", as the saying goes. The most common new year's resolution is to either lose weight, or get fit.

More often than not, these resolutions are stuck to for about a month and by the time February comes, it's all gone out the window. Well part of the reason for this is your average person simply starts running, or going to the gym, and that can be extremely tedious. You might feel good initially but then it just becomes boring, all a bit 'samey'.

So if you want to get fit in 2016, why not try something a bit different. For example, a kickboxing class?

Kickboxing classes have become particularly popular recently with women. It is an effective way of losing weight quickly while also being able to tone muscle. Not to mention it's effective for self-defence.

What is kickboxing?

Kickboxing is a martial art of Japanese origin that is based upon a combination of other combat styles such as Karate, Boxing and Muay Thai. It is often used to train in self-defence or just for fitness purposes but it is also growing in popularity as a competitive sport.

Kickboxing classes are very physically demanding. They combine self-defence with a high impact workout that incorporates the use of the upper and lower body to kick, punch, elbow and block an opponent. Classes use punch bags during initial training so that the proper technique can be learnt before the opportunity to spar with another fighter might arise.

Classes might also give some focus to general fitness and strength conditioning. For example, physical exercises you might associate with circuit training, such as squats, push-ups, lunges and tricep dips might be included in a training plan. As your general strength improves, so will the effectiveness of the moves you learn.

What are the benefits of kickboxing classes?

There are a range of benefits to kickboxing classes.

Firstly, kickboxing is a great way to get the body into better shape. It will help strengthen and tone the muscles, in particular in the upper leg and the arms. It will also increase your flexibility by learning different kicks and strikes.

Other attributes such as balance and co-ordination will also benefit. Whilst dealing with an oncoming attack, you will have to coordinate the motion between the legs and arms. Likewise, when you kick, it requires you to balance on one leg, so this will improve your overall balance.

It's also a great form of self-defence. Learning how to defend yourself is vital, especially in the dark winter months. As you become stronger, you will become more confident in defending yourself. The basic blocks and strikes taught will help you deal with an attack.

The general exercise involved in kickboxing also improves overall health. Due to the physical nature of the sport, it increases your heart rate while you train. This helps to burn fat and calories which results in weight loss. It also increases the circulation of oxygen around the body.

Kickboxing can also be a good form of stress relief. It's surprising how satisfying it can be to lay into a punch bag and really kick away that pent up stress.

How do I find a kickboxing class?

Finding a kickboxing class near you is easy thanks to Martial Arts Near You. There are hundreds of martial arts clubs and martial arts instructors around the country that are qualified to train and teach kickboxing. To find one in your area simply visit the website homepage and search using your postcode.

There are a range of classes available to suit everyone, whether you are looking for a children's kickboxing class for your child, or a beginners kickboxing class for yourself. Kickboxing classes for women have also become popular as a way of doing a full body workout.

So if you're looking for new ways to exercise, have fun and improve your fitness, then why not get in touch with one of our Martial Arts instructors.
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