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The most important thing you should do this Autumn is learn self defence

6th October 2015

The most important thing you should do this Autumn is learn self defence
As we get deeper into the Autumn, the nights are pulling in and it's getting darker during the daily commute to and from work or school. With more darkness comes greater danger.

Did you know:

  • Between June 2014-March 2015 there were over 10,000 robberies recorded in the UK.

  • In the same period, the police recorded 29,265 cases of rape. This was a 37% increase on the previous year and the highest since the records began in 2002/03.

  • Statistically, women are more liked to be attacked in their own home than out on the streets.

This being said, there are also a lot of attacks out in the streets we live and walk in every day. Some of us just don't know about them, some of us choose to ignore that they took place, and some of us are victims. The fact of the matter is... it happens!

There are regular self defence classes taught in almost every location around the U.K. Some of the feedback from people in these classes shows how scary a real life encounter can be. Below are honest comments from people being trained in self defence:

1) It felt uncomfortable to be grabbed by your hair or pulled to the ground.

2) I felt really uneasy when one of the male instructors was in between my legs and I couldn't get up.

3) The feeling of being attacked by 3 men, instructors of the class or not was scary.

Now imagine the difference if you were in a real life scenario and not with a trained instructor. It would be absolutely terrifying.

What does a self defence class teach?

Self defence classes can help tackle all of these problems. The art of self defence is about knowing how to react in different situations. One of the key focuses is making students aware of their surroundings. This means being able to identify potential threats and then safely move away from them. This is the first self defence technique that could prevent attacks.

Classes then usually focus on how to deal with an attack. It teaches simple attacks such as shouting, right through to techniques such as hand and elbow strikes. You will be taught how to identify an attackers weaknesses to help escape quickly and importantly how to force them to break their grip.

Learning to defend yourself is a vital life skill. It's not just a skill that should be learnt by women. Men and children are just as vulnerable to attacks. A lot of people don't truly appreciate the danger until they have experienced it. One student told me;"I spent years Thai Boxing competitively, but when my ex-boyfriend grabbed me by the throat because he was drunk and angry and he pushed me into the wall, I had no idea what to do. At least I know how to defend this if it ever happened again!"

Others don't realise the difference that knowing self defence makes;"I was really nervous to begin with but then I realised how strong I could be mentally & physically once shown the basics."

“Being able to walk around town in the day or late at night on my own, or getting onto public transport, I feel so much more confident and able to defend myself and my children if needed. It's not all about strength and fitness, its about knowing HOW, WHEN & WHAT to do in a specific situation."

Self Defence is very basic for newcomers to learn, it's about knowing the key principles, but after that it can travel into other dimensions, using advanced training methods for all levels and abilities including Hand to Hand Combat, Stick/Bat/Bottle/Gun & Knife Defence training.

MCMA recommend in this day and age that all of your family members are confident and able to defend themselves if ever put in an unfortunate situation. It may take months or even years of training to learn how to defend yourself, but if it saves yourself harm then every minute of training is worth it!

Finding A Self Defence Class

There are many types of self defence, one of the most popular is Krav Maga. There are also specific classes for different types of people. Whether you are a busy-working women and need to catch a late tube home, or if you're a teenager who has to walk back through the park on there way home after school, there will be a self defence class that can prepare for any situation you may encounter. Equally, if you run a business with a number of people like this under your employment, may instructors offer large corporate sessions.

On Martial Arts Near You, there are hundreds of self defence classes being offered by our Martial Arts Clubs and Instructors. To find one in your local neighbourhood, simply visit the MANY homepage and enter your postcode into our class locater tool. Speak to the instructors to find out more about what they can offer.