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The muscle-mind connection

29th March 2018

The muscle-mind connection

Ever heard about the muscle mind connection?

More people want to look good, get in shape and FEELGOOD. These days Martial art students are supplementing their training with weight training in the gym to build muscle and mass.

Hitting the gym and lifting weights using muscle-mind connection technique can take the process to another level. This will help you gain muscle mass faster and its easier on the joints. So you can improve your mass whilst retaining flexibility and agility. Key components of any Martial Art.

What is the muscle-mind connection?

Although it seems a new technique the reality its been around for years. If you ask some of the old school bodybuilders, they will probably answer something like "You need to feel the muscle and think about it while training it".

That's actually nearly the right answer to the question what the muscle-mind connection is.

But there is actually a more scientific explanation for it too. Let's say you want to train your chest, by doing push-ups. Your brain sends little signals to your chest, shoulders, triceps and all the other muscle that is involved in that movement. The brain is communicating with your muscle by chemical messengers, the Neurotransmitters.

Muscle-mind connection technique improves this communication from the brain to the muscles and increases the amount contracted fibres in the muscle. More activated muscle fibres equal more muscle stimulation. The more muscles are stimulated, the more muscle gains you will get.

How to activate and increase your muscle-mind connection?

Everyone has the muscle-mind connection already. There are just some people who use it to their advantage and others who are missing it in their workout routine. If you really want to improve your muscle mind connection, read the following three tips on how to activate those missing muscle fibres and get the results you want!

Perfect your form

Most people think that in order to get more muscles you have to lift heavier weights at the gym. That's just one part of the truth. It's true that you should increase your training weight from time to time, especially if it's not challenging you anymore. But before you do that, you need to make sure that your form is perfect. The truth is, that most people are damaging their joints and tendons by using too heavy weights because their form is not correct. Before you start to ask your local martial-arts or gym coach on how to improve your form or click on YouTube, there are plenty of very good tutorials on how to do your weight training exercises. Normally that means that you have to decrease the weights, that might be frustrating in the first place but will give you better results over time.

Slow down the motion

Once you have perfected your form and you're doing the exercise absolutely right. Make sure that you exercise in a controlled manner. Lift the weights in accordance with your instructor's advice. Slower speeds are better than faster movements. The advantages are you can relax into your form you will find the exercises easier and have less impact and stress on your joints. After all martial arts classes require a high level of fluidity.

Think into your muscle

Close your eyes and try to focus on the motion, the contraction and the pain that's coming from it. Try to figure out and feel how the muscle is working under the stress of the weight. Let's say you train your back and biceps by pull-ups. Close your eyes and feel how your back is doing the heavy work in the first 90% of the movement and your biceps standing in for the last 10%. Pay some extra attention to the negative part of the exercise, so hold your weight up at the bar for one or two seconds and then let it slowly and control come down till the end of the motion.

The important thing is that you understand and feel how your muscle is actually working. You need to feel the stress and pain of the muscle when it gets contracted to improve your muscle-mind connection.

A good formula is to have a take a second for the positive motion, hold a second and two at the point of most contraction and then at least two seconds for the negative movement.

The muscle mind connection is not just a fitness hipster term, it's very useful technique to increase your stimulated muscle fibres and save the health of your joints and tendons. Try it out for your next martial-arts class and I guarantee you a completely new way of feeling your body.

Lifting weights and gaining muscle is one of the best methods to step up your performance in martial arts. The muscle-mind connection technique gives you a very effective and safe way to achieve that. Effective because it increases your muscle growth and safe because you protect your joints. Many gyms and material-arts schools offer a mixed training of martial-arts skills and weight training. If you want to take your Martial-Arts performance to the next level make sure to go to https://www.martialartsnearyou.co.uk/ and contact your local martial arts coach and ask him about it.