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The story of Floyd Mayweather and choosing a boxing class

22nd August 2017

The story of Floyd Mayweather and choosing a boxing class
Floyd Mayweather is currently training for a fight that will push his career earnings up to $1 billion dollars. His ranking in Forbes as worlds highest paid sportsperson in 2014, 2015 is impressive with his nickname “Money” Mayweather. Floyd's childhood was very different to his current millionaire reality, being brought up in Wyoming with a father who was sent to prison when Floyd was young.

Floyd Mayweather had a childhood which was quite troublesome. His father was arrested, and received a five-year sentence on federal drug charges. As a result of this, Floyd was reluctant to form relationships with others, and didn’t have the nurturing that other kids get. However, Floyd formed a relationship with boxing that carried him through his difficult childhood.

Floyd was a “10-year-old on his toes” with footwork that has carried him to the top of the boxing rankings. Norm Frauenheim, a boxing editor, suggested that Floyd “could do without relationships” when he was younger, but that the only exception was boxing, and he is now named as the “best pound for pound fighter” being undefeated with 49 wins to his name.

Boxing for younger children and teenagers

Antony Joshua who took up boxing from a young age declared that, “ boxing is about the obsession of getting the most from yourself”, and young people tend to thrive on this new hobby. Around the end of summer is the best time for parents to look classes for their children. This is a great opportunity for your child to establish more determination, rhythm, and perseverance in life.

There is never an age that is too young to start boxing, and this is a motto repeated throughout the profession. Studies have shown that there are also numerous psychological and physical advantages of boxing. For example, research has shown that boxing for children at school is a “healthy and productive way” to relieve stress and tension for them. Whilst also allowing them to release plenty of dopamine, the “happiness” hormone, improving what sometimes can be a tough day at school.

Top tips for finding a class

Boxing clubs are increasingly becoming accustomed to children who take up the sport from an early age. Therefore, this is a great opening for parents to encourage their child to do a sport that will highly benefit their well-being. This can be seen in both Floyd Mayweather and Antony Joshua who started boxing from a very early age, and have gone to become the most successful boxers in our generation.

Your child is most likely to thrive in a comfortable and supporting environment, and this is why it is essential when looking for classes that you visit your local boxing clubs. This will enable you to find the right class for your child. As a result, your child will be able to make new friends, and have an instructor who prioritises their happiness and enjoyment which is of utmost importance.

Find a martial arts class near you

By using Martial Arts Near You, the great news is that whatever type of class you're looking for, you can find it with ease. While classes are still available, you can use this opportunity to book online and get your child into a boxing class near you and reep the rewards. Who knows?... they may become the next Floyd Mayweather or Antony Joshua!

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