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Top tips for BJJ classes (Brazilian jiujitsu)

26th March 2015

Top tips for BJJ classes (Brazilian jiujitsu)
Brazilian jujitsu is commonly called BJJ, it focuses on ground fighting and is currently is one of the fastest growing martial arts in the world. Brazilian jujitsu has become established its self as a highly effective discipline gaining popularity in the UK, as one of the most popular styles. BJJ techniques have dominate mixed martial arts for some time and this may well account for the growth in its popularity. You would be hard-pressed to find any fighter that competes in MMA that doesn't drill the art at least once or twice a week in BJJ.

BJJ is based on overcoming opponents using submissions (chokes and joint manipulations) learning this martial art is a true challenge, both mentally and physically, because there is so much to master and remember. Here are some hints and tips on becoming a BJJ master.

10 Steps to becoming a BJJ master

STEP 1; The first step is to find a BJJ School near you where you live or work. You can use this website to find a BJJ class use the finder.

STEP 2; Once to have identified a martial arts club offering BJJ check the club out and establish that they have a qualified BJJ instructor.

STEP 3; The important step is to be patient it takes time and you will be frustrated at first. Learn to take a few hits, it's all part of the learning process.

STEP 4; The aim of the BJJ training is to train your body to automatically react to situations BJJ. The exercise drills are designed to condition the body so the more you drill the quicker your body will learn.

STEP 5; Learning to escape is one of the most important aspects of BJJ work. Learning proper positions is part of the escape process.

STEP6; Be patient. Sometimes it can take up to 4-5 attempts to get a technique right and sometime it can takes years. The more time train on a technique, the better you get.

STEP 7; Practice with different partners, different sizes , skills and experience. Using different partners will also help you to identify which areas of your training you need to work on.

STEP 8; Learn from the experienced members of the club watch how they handle situations and overcome adversity.

STEP 9; Never give up. Learning BJJ can take time and lots of practice.

STEP 10: Always have a goal to aim for.

Find A BJJ Class Near You

With lots of clubs and Martial Arts Clubs across the UK now offering classes there bound to be one near you. Use the search on Martial Arts Near You to find a BJJ class.
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