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Try a Kick boxing class for a full body work out near you

29th January 2015

Try a Kick boxing class for a full body work out near you
Get ready to stretch before you start. Kickboxing workouts are a great way to break a sweat, tone up and get your entire body in shape.

That's why celebs are including Kickboxing in their fitness regimes. Celebs like Angelina Jolie, Kerry Katona, Hailey Hanson, Eva Mendes, Kelly Clarkson, Queen Latifah, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Hilary Swank, Denise Richards, Madonna, Michelle Pfeifer, are devotees of kickboxing.

The trend kicked off when these celebs announced that they turned to Kickboxing as the primary form of exercise to keep their body in shape.

These celebs have popularised Kickboxing through online gossip magazines and feature articles, as they show off their action moves. As a result more and more women are realising the benefits of Kick boxing as a way to get in shape, lose weight, burn fat and feel empowered.

A full-body Kickboxing workout can burn between 700- 800 calories in a one hour workout. Its considered to be one of the best workout regimes out there when it comes to burning calories.

Many women feel that Kickboxing is an irresistible way to lose weight simply because Kick-boxing is a full body workout, exercising all of the muscle groups in the body. It doubles as a strength-training session and a high-endurance, cardio workout. This means there's no need for multiple workouts to reach all of the body groups, it's all covered in one workout! That's right a full body fat burning workout in one hour, that's why time short celebs use it!

Saving time by getting an intense full body workout in an hour is reason alone for a lot of busy women to choose kick-boxing.

There's more to it than just staying fit and trim. Kickboxing teaches women how to defend themselves, using elbows, knees, throw punches, and kick. Kickboxing classes teach women how to evade or distance themselves from an attacker.

Mastering the basic punches is relatively easy, but combining those with kicks is a bit trickier. But that's where the fun kicks in.

"People think it's just a fitness fad for women, or it's two burly blokes kicking each other in the head, but it's an incredibly skilful and tactical sport." According to David Jenkins, secretary of the British Kickboxing Council (BKC).

And to prove a point deputy prime minister Nick Clegg was (amazingly) highlighted as taking up kick boxing. So its not just film actresses practising Kickboxing, our politicians are looking to defend themselves and according to Pienaar's Politics on BBC Radio 5 Live: Clegg said "I've been taking kickboxing lessons so I might stand a chance."

So there hope for us all now, not just the growing number of women taking up kick boxing.

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Source: www.martialartsnearyou.co.uk