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UFC fighters Paddy the Baddy and Molly McCann are on the UP.

25th July 2022

UFC fighters Paddy the Baddy and Molly McCann are on the UP.

After an eventful weekend, it looks like Paddy the Baddy and Molly McCann are on the up.

Paddy the Baddy had a very eventful Saturday night. Jordan Levitt came out fighting strong using his wrestling abilities to prevent Paddy coming out on the front foot. Paddy said he was disappointed with his performance in the first round, and it was most likely due to this. Paddy continued to push on though despite this unimpressive first round, and in the second round he came out fighting with more intention and more damage being done. He used his BJJ skills to get a great chokehold on Jordan Levitt which forced him to tap out with the 02 roaring all around. 

Molly McCann also had a superb night with another fantastic finish at the 02 landing a spinning elbow, and devastating blows to her opponent. Liverpool will be a very happy city with both of their fighters going on to bigger and better things in the UFC will huge support from around the world.

Now, Paddy and Molly will be going to America to appear on PPV's and increase their pulling power around the world as top UK fighters in the UFC.

Hopefully, they will continue to have much more success, and put the UK on the map alongside fighters like Tom Aspinall, Leon Edwards and many of the other upcoming stars. 

Tom Aspinall will have to wait which is unfortunate for him, since he had a shock injury during his fight. However, this injury was totally out of his control and he can only make the most of it now and come back fitter and stronger. This injury may give him more time to be prepared for the heavyweight challenge of becoming world champion, it may mature his mindset, and make it even more worthwhile for his heavyweight campaign. Injuries like the one Tom got on Saturday night also show the motivation needed to face obstacles and challenges and keep going. A true fighter takes these obstacles in their stride and uses them to become an even better fighter and we hope Tom takes this injury in his stride. 

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Source: Saul writing