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Unlocking children's full potential with Martial Arts

15th May 2018

Unlocking children's full potential with Martial Arts

Family martial arts classes in Manchester

The hugely popular Family Martial Arts Centres in the North West of England are growing fast with their offering of fun family friendly karate classes. The club has over 20 clubs and is expanding fast.

Positive motivation

The clubs focus on families and take children from the age of 4 in their Tiger Tots martial arts classes. The aim is to introduce children to martial arts and new joiners get a free uniform. The classes are designed to be fun friendly and safe. It's a great way for young children to learn the basic fundamentals, build their confidence and exercise.

Tiger Tots get positive motivation with badges being awarded for outstanding performance at home and at school. Its all about fostering a positive attitude.

Unlocking potential in Children

Older children 5-13 learn martial arts created to develop social, physical and emotional growth designed to unlock their full potential. The classes can transform behaviour, improve attention and focus at school and learn respect for their parents, courtesy, honesty and self-discipline.

The system uses badges to reward students who demonstrate outstanding performance. All designed to help children develop unstoppable confidence in today's world where children are under pressure from social media.

The club is growing because it emphasises on high-quality karate training alongside a fun, friendly and positive environment. Everyone is encouraged to feel good.

Family Values

Family Martial arts Centres work alongside families reinforcing positive values and importantly helping all the family keep fit and healthy. It is all about community, and families getting involved mum dad, and the kids. All training together and enjoying themselves.

The club organises regular family days out together, such as Ramble Walks in the countryside its all part of the way the club works. Family is important to The Family Martial Arts Centre hence the name. It's all one big family where people meet and learn together.

A Karate Class Apart

At the centres, families learn the fascinating martial art of Tang Soo Do, an ancient Korean martial art whose roots date back 2,000 years, Apart from life skills you will learn self-defense techniques, improve your fitness, strength and flexibility and become more confident.

Where can I find a Family Martial art centre Near Me?

With 20 martial art centres located around the North West from Chester to Chorley, Warrington, St Helens Stockport and Manchester its got good access if you live in the North West.

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