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What is Filipino Martial Arts... and how is it different from the rest?

28th August 2018

What is Filipino Martial Arts... and how is it different from the rest?

As is with most forms of Martial Arts, the emphasis strongly lies on rules and regulations. The first thing to note about the differences between FMA and common forms of Martial Arts is that there are NO RULES. 

FMA is like a street system, with the emphasis on survival by any means necessary. This came about by the Filipinos as they are inherently small, and therefore found other ways to protect themselves, and have developed unique and deadly survival tactics that have been adopted by modern Martial Arts instructors in the UK and around the world. 

FMA can be broken down into three main subcategories: 

1. Dirty Boxing

Also known as Suntukan or Panantukan, focuses on both striking and grappling your opponent, utilising every part of the body to cause devastating effects. Whether it be striking with the shoulder, or locking writs or fingers, Dirty Boxing is hand-to-hand combat with absolutely no rules. 

2. Sticks

Developed from the Philippines adaptation to their environments, the first sticks technique came about to those who live in narrow streets and needed to protect themselves in close proximity, called Tappie-Tappie. The second technique differs, as it has been developed by Filipinos in the country, who have room and need to use their sticks in different ways, and gear the space towards their advantage. 

3. Blade Defence

An important topic of recent times, with knife crime on the rise and seemingly unavoidable from the media, everyone is talking about it - but the devastating problem persists. For FMA, blade defense is so much more than knives alone, and the focus is on blades in general, and that could be a shard of glass or a broken pen. The point is to make any bladed object as deadly as possible and to use it as protection. 

FMA has successfully been taught at Hanger gym, Cardiff and due to its popularity, Filipino Martial Arts is now coming to Newport and is backed by rich history and roots with this form of martial arts. 

This is a chance to learn self-defence like never before, utilising your body, surroundings and objects for the ultimate self-defence.  

Classes will be running once a week, leading to twice a week once demand is set. If you live in the Newport area, why hesitate? 

Held at Newport city martial arts centre, 85 commercial street. 

Monday Night, 7:30-8: 30 pm

Adults only

First Lesson is FREE 

First 10 students to sign up will receive a FREE club T-shirt

Spaces are filling up FAST!

Secure your place and book onto a class today. Want to know more? Click the link below.