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Who's fighting at UFC 276

23rd June 2022

Who's fighting at UFC 276

In two weeks time on the 2nd of July, there will be a huge fight card coming up for the UFC's next big event. For this huge fight night, Israel Adesanya will be facing Jared Cannonier as part of the main event. There is also a highly anticipated fight between Alexander Volkanovski and Max Holloway which is a trilogy fight and one not to miss. Finally, Sean O'Malley will also making an appearance facing Pedro Munhoz which also promises a lot of action and flare from the upcoming fighter Sean O'Malley. 

Looking at the main fight for the weekend we have Israel Adesanya who has been reigning champ for a long time now in the middleweight division and is continuously improving. It will be hard for anyone to beat him, since he has been developing his ground game but also his impressive stand up skills. He is a very elusive fighter who controls distance very well within fights, and over the years he has gained more experience in being a master at doing this. Here are some of his highlights: 

Jarod Cannonier his opponent has been moving very quickly up the ranks with some impressive wins in his recent fights. He has wowed audiences around the world who have been calling for him to take a step up and fight champion Israel Adesanya. Jarod Cannonier is a heavy handed fighter who can land devastating blows with ease. On the ground, Cannonier is great a deploying swift elbow strikes to knock out his opponents. 

This will be a super tough fight for him, since Izzy is such a great opponent. He will have to do something amazing to beat Izzy, but in the UFC anything can happen and Jarod may be able to pull it off. 

One of the other super exciting fights on the weekend is Max Holloway versus Alexander Volkanovski. Both are two incredible fighters in the featherweight division. They have already had two fights with each other in the past with Alex winning both of them by close decisions which could have gone either way. 

What makes this fight so interesting is if Alex wins he is saying that he will move up to the lightweight division to challenge Charles Oliveira. This would be a huge fight since both are so good, and also because it would make Alex champion of two weight divisions if he wins. This is definitely one fight not to miss, also because there is a lot on the line for Max Holloway too. If he wins, he will be seen as one of the greats of the featherweight division and the fight game in general. However, a third loss on his record to Alex would reflect badly on his career. He has a lot to fight for and so does Alex Volkanovski which will make it a great fight to watch on the weekend. 

Lastly to round off an overall good main event is Sean O'Malley versus Pedro Munhoz. I absolutely love to watch Sean O'Malley and what he brings to the UFC. His crazy coloured hair, and flare in is impressive and highly enjoyable to watch. All of his past fights have been thrilling with huge knockouts or extended beat downs of his opponents. Sean O'Malley is a rising star and his fight on the weekend will definitely be one to watch. 

Source: Saul (Near You Team)