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Why are Taekwondo clubs so popular?

5th November 2015

Why are Taekwondo clubs so popular?
Choosing a Martial Art can be tricky process, we know as well as anyone. There are literally hundreds of different Martial Arts styles and a lot of those are offered here on the Martial Arts Near You website.

One martial art worthy of consideration is Taekwondo, a self-defence orientated combat style that originated in Korea.

Taekwondo classes are growing in popularity in the UK, with hundreds of Taekwondo clubs in London and cities across England, Wales and Scotland. This means finding a Taekwondo club has never been easier.

Why attend a Taekwondo class?

Taekwondo classes focus on teaching the student how to neutralise and disable an opponent using a minimal amount of force. Classes are often rigorous and require lots of concentration as the art of Taekwondo is very precise when it comes to technique, especially when it comes to balance and positioning.

The classes will put emphasis on kicks, blocks, punches, open handed strikes and a variety of take downs. It will also teach good grappling techniques and basic joint locks or submissive maneouvers for grabbling on the floor.

Classes will help prepare you for a variety of situations. Whilst Taekwondo is primarily used as self-defence it has also been developed as competitive sport. It will teach techniques designed to stop or hurt an opponent and prevent attacks. Classes will also discipline the mind as well. They will teach respect, trust and self control within some difficult situations.

What is Taekwondo?

Taekwondo is a scientific form of combat that is less focused on physicality and more focused on technique. The style of fighting is summed up by the name itself.'Tae', 'Kwon', 'Do' roughly translates to 'the way of the foot and fist'. It is a very effective form of self defence, that improves amongst other things, your balance, flexibility, strength, stamina and perceptual awareness.

Where did Taekwondo come from?

Taekwondo originated in Korea and it is widely recognised as one of the oldest Martial Arts in existence, dating back over 2000 years. One of the earliest signs of its existence is from a painted mural in a tomb showing two unarmed men facing off with one another in a Taekwondo stance. The tomb in Koguryo was built between 37 BC and 66 AD.

Since then, it has always been practiced in eastern culture, but it did not become more widely recognised in the west until the 1950's when it was first introduced to America. Since then, the art has seen the creation of the Taekwondo World Championships that has been running for 42 years now and in 2000, Taekwondo was added to the Olympic games, securing it's platform as a leading style of competitive combat.

Is Taekwondo for children?

Taekwondo isn't just for children, however alongside Karate classes, Taekwondo is comfortably the most popular Martial Art with the younger age groups. The discipline it teaches and the fact it focuses more on controlled self-defence than attacking and aggressive combat makes parents more open to letting their kids try it out.

However Taekwondo is open to anyone of any gender, or age group. It is becoming more popular with women as a way of learning basic self defence techniques, but it can also be used as good way to regularly exercise, tone muscle and burn off fat.

There are even benefits for older people. It increases cardiovascular fitness, as well as helping co-ordination and improving reflexes.

How do I find a Taekwondo class?

On Martial Arts Near You, finding a Taekwondo class is easy, whether you're a 55 year old woman looking for a fun way to exercise, or if it's for your 8 year old son. There is something to suit everyone. Simply go to the website homepage and search your postcode on our class finder tool. This will locate classes in your local neighbourhood.

All you need to do then is choose the right class for you and enquire with the instructor, or martial arts club. If you want more information about the class, or maybe have a prior injury that means you're not sure if Taekwondo classes are suitable for you , then just give them your number. They're always happy to have a chat and more often than not, they'll be able to suggest ways the class can suit you.
Source: Martial Arts Near You