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Why over 50's should take up Martial Arts?

29th April 2015

Why over 50's should take up Martial Arts?
Visiting a Martial Arts Club full of kids, teenagers, young adults and aspiring fighters, it's easy to feel that anyone over 50 is going to feel out of place and awkward. The thought of kicking, punching and grappling with another person might be a bit daunting.

The fact is there are many forms of Martial Arts with a common theme of helping all students keep fit, reduce stress levels, feel more confident and to improve their concentration levels.

Here we look a reasons why seniors should take up Martial Arts

For over 50's, Martial Arts is potentially a great sport to take up. In the West, Martial Arts is considered the preserve of young athletic macho men but in reality, a growing number of women and over 50's are taking it up.

The sport is changing to attract a wider range of customers from both sexes and a wider range of age groups. As the population grows older and they are more active than previous generations, they are looking for new activities to get involved in.

Martial Arts has lots of positive benefits for seniors and here we summarise just a few major benefits.

Better Muscle Tone and flexibility

All martial arts require a good level of fitness. Most Martial arts involve repetitive exercise for both fitness and specific moves as they are aimed at getting the body to gradually develop. Researchers found that older people who regularly performed the Martial Arts techniques were less likely to suffer high blood pressure and are physically stronger. They concluded that the improvement of heart function combined with increased muscular power meant that martial art should be considered as a way for senior people to maintain good health.

A combination of repetitive exercises, stretching improves elasticity and muscle strength, good news in keeping seniors feeling younger and fitter.

Improve Your Balance

Balance is important in Martial Arts, something that tends to be a challenge as people grow older. Taking up a Martial Art looks to improve balance and posture for all students and older students probably will benefit from this aspect of training.

Improve Confidence For Seniors

As people get older their confidence can begin to drain away and younger people who are potentially leaner and fitter may seem a real or perceived threat. Learning a Martial Art gives older people more confidence. Understanding how to defend yourself in threatening situation or escape from an attacker or how to handle any potentially violent situation creates a level of confidence that you would not have otherwise have.

Improved Concentration

Learning a Martial Art involves listening learning and concentration. Practising deliberate repetitive movements and co-ordinating movement requires concentration. Exercise improves oxygen flow to the brain helping concentration.

By focusing on the task or exercise you'll start convincing your brain to finish one task before you move onto the next one.

Better Mood control

Studies have shown that even mild exercise, about 40% of your maximum heart rate, can lift your mood. So regular focus and learning new skills such as Martial Arts can help make you happier and put you in a better frame of mind.

Make friends and Socialise

For many people over 50, they lose friends and find it hard to meet new people and build new friendships. When you join a Martial Arts Club, your joining a community of people. They have common interests and they help each other improve their skills. They often have competition open days and events that everyone gets involved in. Martial Arts is not about kicking and punching its a sport but its also a community of like minded people from all walks of life. When a senior joins a Martial Art club you will receive a warm friendly welcome.

Martial Arts for Seniors Top Tips

If you have a medical condition see your doctor first. Some Martial Arts clubs training can be very vigorous and can put significant stress on the body.

Try before you commit to a particular type of Martial Art and visit a number of clubs to see where you will feel comfortable training.

There are hundreds of Martial Arts Clubs on this website use the search to find a Martial Art Club near you.