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Why Reading and the Thames Valley area is a karate hotspot

17th April 2018

Why Reading and the Thames Valley area is a karate hotspot

Why Reading and the Thames Valley area is a karate hotspot

‘Life is sweet in the Thames Valley’ or is it? There are lots of issues facing parents today in the area. With the economy slowing even in the wealthy Thames valley areas parents are having to deal with low wage growth, the high cost of housing, inflation and pressures of time. In fact, time is probably the biggest issues facing families today. This free time impacts on families and young children.

So what is going on? Well we are seeing an increase in knife crime in London it's an ongoing debate but one of the key aspects of the problem is the lack of time parents and in particular single mums can spend with their children across the South even in wealthy towns such as Reading, Maidenhead.

As parents work longer hours it can mean children spend more time more time their own. This leads to less social interaction and more time on phones and games, less physical activity and with less time to cook family meals parents resort to convenience food.

The result is that children's lives are being impacted in a number of ways that impact on their fitness, health, mental attitude, ability to focus and how they interact and socialise with authority figures such as teachers.

Disturbing Facts about our kids

Here we highlight 5 areas which have been identified as areas of concern. Parents are probably aware of the issues but these stark facts bring it into focus.

Obesity: The problem is that British kids are getting fatter. More than one in three British children aged five to 13 are already overweight or obese. They are hooked on fast foods, sugar and chocolates. Worryingly under-12s already show signs of high blood pressure and cholesterol, diabetes and liver disease.

Time: UK children aged five to 16 spend an average of six and a half hours a day in front of a screen compared with around three hours in 1995, according to market research firm Childwise. Teenage boys spend the longest, with an average of eight hours.

Concentration: A generation of internet-obsessed schoolchildren is losing the ability to concentrate in lessons and make proper conversation with friends according to Mr Boddy chairman of The Society of Heads, which represents more than 100 independent schools.

Social interaction: Children struggle to make face-to-face conversation with their peers because of the influence of social networking websites. They lose the ability to communicate with people in the real world.

Lack of respect: Dr Sigman, a fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, reported in, The Spoilt Generation said nursery-age children are becoming increasingly violent and disrespectful towards their teachers, 'parent battering' is on the rise and the number of policemen attacked by children is soaring. According to the report Britain now has the highest rates of child depression, child-on-child murder, underage pregnancy, obesity, violent and antisocial behaviour and pre-teen alcoholism since records began.'

Why Martial Arts Clubs can help parents

Martial Arts Clubs are the unsung heroes that help parents and children's live healthier lives.

GKR karate in the Berkshire Area is seeing strong growth as parents see the benefit of what the club offers families. Its a strong community-based network of karate clubs that promotes both character and physical development. The club caters for all ages and promotes health and fitness, coordination, social interaction, respect for authority, builds confidence and encourages family membership.

According to Regional Manager Stuart Wiseman GKR Karate “Modern family life is tough and we encourage families from all walks of life to bring their children along. All our karate instructors are trained, qualified instructors who are committed to building strong, humble individuals and help develop healthy communities. People from all walks of life can train together and learn the art of karate in a safe, fun and encouraging environment.

We are seeing more families joining our clubs because we give children basic life skills that will help them grow, develop positive mental attitudes, learn respect and interact and socialise with other children.

For busy mums and dads, it provides after-school martial arts classes that get their children active its an alternative healthy way for teenagers in the Thames Valley area to grow and develop.

GKR clubs are based on family. The clubs are community based we have affordable family membership plans that are designed for all the family to learn karate together. That's why we have hundreds of instructors and thousands of classes across the UK.”

GKR Karate has clubs are located in Slough, Crowthorne, Basingstoke, Reading, Newbury, Bracknell, Thatcham, Didcot, Maidenhead, Woodley, Bramley, Earley, Sherborne St John, Marlow, Woodcote, Charvil, Shinfield, Wokingham, Bradfield, Berkshire and Hampshire.


About Go-Kan-Ryu Karate (GKR) is a traditional Japanese style of karate. GKR was founded by Robert Sullivan in Adelaide, South Australia. GKR Karate UK was established in 1994. With over 1,000 classes running across the UK with a membership base of over 15,000 students, people of all walks of life can train together and learn the art of karate in a safe, fun and encouraging environment.

Source: Stuart Wiseman Regional Mananger GKR Karate Clubs