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Why you should make self defence classes your winter hobby

20th October 2016

Why you should make self defence classes your winter hobby
With the nights pulling in as we head into the winter, it's getting darker during the commute to work or school. With greater darkness comes the greater chance of danger on the streets.

It's easy to think; “It'll never happen to me”, but between January and the end of July this year, 108,902 were victims of a violent crime.

It is critical to know how to defend yourself, just in case a dangerous situation arises. Here are some further statistics:

  • There has been a 24% rise in violent crimes against people
  • More than 36,000 cases of rape in the last 12 months
  • Over 46,000 cases of robbery

Learning to defend yourself is a vital life skill. A lot of people don't truly appreciate the danger until they have experienced it.

It can happen to anyone, whether you are a 17 year old school girl walking home after an exam, or a 34 year old man on his way home from work.

Criminals often do not profile and attack based on opportunity.

Knowing how to spot danger can prevent you falling foul of this.

Why is self-defence important?

Imagine you're walking down the street on your way home from work. It's dark, it's cold, it's late at night. All of a sudden someone steps out from a side street and blocks your path.


What do you do next? How would you react? For most people, the answer is “I don't know”.

By learning self-defence, you will be equipped to deal with situations like this. How to spot potential danger before you find yourself in the middle of it and how to overcome an attacker who is bigger than you.

By knowing how to effectively use your own body weight, you can easily strike or floor your attacker giving you the chance to get yourself out of danger.

The aim is to deal with these situations as quickly as possible, using your surroundings as an advantage. It's extremely easy for newcomers to learn, but requires discipline to learn the key principles.

Best Martial Arts for Self Defence:

With their being hundreds of different Martial Arts disciplines, some are better tailored to self-defence than others.

A recently emerging style which is now arguably the number one choice for self-defence is Krav Maga, a form of Israeli battlefield combat. It's the perfect combat style for disarming and opponent and trains students to deal with real-world scenarios. Such as a bar brawl or a street attack. Krav gives you the ability, awareness and confidence to deal with any situation, even if you are smaller than your attacker. This is why it's become so popular with women in particular.

Krav Maga classes teach to deal with dangerous situations efficiently and effectively against a variety of attacks, such as kicks, strikes, chokes and attacks from behind. It's a tried and tested method, used with over 500 military and law agencies worldwide.

Another popular style for self-defence is Aikido. Aikido is a Japanese art that was created with the aim of enabling you to defend yourself against an attacker whilst also not injuring them. It is all about precision and control.

Aikido also encourages harmony and the avoidance of confrontation. It mainly teaches co-ordination, flexibility and endurance and is less focused on strength and aggression.

The final martial arts style that is popular for self-defence is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. BJJ, which is actually an evolution of a Japanese judo method, is ideal for self-defence as its techniques are realistic and effective when it comes to fighting.

BJJ is especially great for women and young people as it teaches you to overcome bigger, stronger opponents by using a variety of techniques. It also preaches control. Knowing a martial art does not mean you should abuse your strength.

How to find a martial arts class

Due to the rising demand for people to learn self-defence, more Martial Arts clubs are putting on specialised self-defence classes. This means finding a session to suit your needs is easy.

To find a martial arts instructor in your area, you can use the Martial Arts Near You class finder to search using your postcode or location. This will show you your nearest martial arts clubs and you can then choose one that suits your need.

You can even refine your search and choose your class based on style. So if you specifically wanted a Krav Maga class or an aikido class, you can find one easily.

Once you've found a class to suit you, you can book yourself a place online or enquire with the instructor to find out more.
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