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Working Late? Learn self defence to keep safe

30th June 2015

Working Late? Learn self defence to keep safe
The age old theory that a typical working day is a boring and repetitive nine to five routine is fading away. More public sector workers are faced with irregular shifts, restaurants and bar workers locking up at midnight and even the stereotyped office bees are frequently pushing past daylight hours.

It isn't until all customers have left or you come back to the real world after zoning out on your computer and the chill arises from being the last person in the building. Whether you are heading home in the a city or commuting to the countryside, you may find the skills, knowledge and understanding of martial arts to be your best ally at night.

Learning a martial arts skill can benefit not only your physical health but provide you with a sense of security when you are faced with potentially dangerous situations. Many people wouldn't think that walking home alone across a park or travelling on a tube to be dangerous situation, and for the most part it isn't.

Still it doesn't hurt to have these skills to keep you safe so you know how to defend against an attacker.

Learning hand-to-hand combat

The worse case scenario can put you in a situation when you are approached by an attacker and are forced to physically defend yourself. In the physical sense you can handle this as an offensive of defensive attack.

Different styles of martial arts have their own approach to the physical moves to use for self-defence. For example, kickboxing applies rapid reaction to surprise your attacker, karate teaches how to respond by adapting an attackers first move towards you and similarly with Krav Maga, you will learn how to identify an attackers weakness control an aggressive situation with as little harm as possible.

Be aware of your surroundings

Understanding the importance of space, obstacles and movement around you are all part of the sense you develop in martial arts training. Identifying strengths, opportunities and points of danger when faced with a fellow martial arts opponent are the same principles that can help protect you in an undesirable or dangerous situation.

Anticipate what can happen next

Whilst there is no certainty of future events, martial arts teaches an individual to plan the next move based upon the possible outcome in front of them. How is the attacker standing? Where are his/her arms? Do the have a weapon?

Learning to react, defend and attack are just as important as mastering a specific technique to disable an attacker in the safest way possible. It is easier to manage the situation when you can prepare a response.

Violence doesn't have to be faced with violence

Martial arts comes in all shapes and sizes, with individual skills, mindsets and even philosophy. There are cases when a potentially dangerous event can be resolved or even delayed until help can arrive. Before you feel physically endangered, do you see a way to resolve the conflict calmly and peacefully? Avoiding physical contact will reduce the chance of someone getting hurt, and with the principles of some martial arts styles it may be your words and ability to remain calm that protects you. Similarly, you may approach a physical attack with defensive martial arts skills rather an offensive retaliation.

If you are looking to build your confidence and keep safe, find out more information below about self defence classes, or take a look at the individual styles to find the most suitable for you.

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