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You can now buy Martial Arts events through Facebook!

13th April 2016

You can now buy Martial Arts events through Facebook!
NearYou Websites have launched a brand new Facebook Connect App which allows Martial Arts events and workshops to be sold and purchased straight through Facebook. Customers will be able to view upcoming events and can purchase tickets without having to leave Facebook.

The new feature will ensure that independent clubs and instructors can compete on a level footing with major companies like Ticketmaster, they can do this by getting an account with one of the Near You websites.

Stephen Auty CEO of NearYou websites said "The introduction of the new app on Facebook means that visitors can seamlessly purchase tickets and as a result, our studios and instructors can sell more tickets.

We are already seeing a range of fitness businesses using this facility and their online sales have grown in days. It not only helps to increase sales, but also reduces the time spent by fitness studios dealing with people trying to buy advanced tickets.

Attending an event is a social thing, people go with their friends, who they are usually connected with online, so it's logical to add this feature to our NearYou platform.

We smiled when we saw a multinational business announced yesterday that they had signed a deal with Facebook. We're in good company and the great news is smaller businesses can use our platform to grab their fair share of the event market."

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