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You're Never Too Young To Take Up Taekwondo!

7th November 2017

You're Never Too Young To Take Up Taekwondo!
We get a lot of mums emailing and calling us up to ask us how old their children have to be to start learning Martial Arts. Our answer is simple - you're never too young, and never too old.

The fact is that the sooner they start, the easier it is for children to get into martial arts and learn new life skills.

We have numerous examples of children from a range of backgrounds taking up martial arts and it transforming their lives forever.

Golden Girl Lola

Lola started Taekwon-do when she was 7 years old. In three years she progressed from novice to “World Champion 2017” at the age of 10. She could easily be the next Jade Jones, 3-times British gold medallist and now a celebrity, promoting the Lego NinjaGo Movie for Sony Pictures in the UK.

Lola's Story

Lola started training with Lauren Wynn at Taekwon-do Wales aged 7. She was one of the first students to walk through Lauren's door when her club opened in 2013.

From day one Lola demonstrated a high level of commitment and discipline, evident through her perseverance and endless hours of practice. She has a hunger to learn, taking on board advice and criticism from her instructor. She worked hard to perfect her moves.

Competitive Drive

Lola's competitive side became immediately apparent when she turned up to her first class and initiated a warm-up competition with her peers. Needless to say she won!

Lauren Wynn, her instructor, soon realised Lola’s potential despite her age and decided to introduce her to taekwondo tournaments and competitions.

Her first taekwondo competition was the Battle Of The Bridge (2015). She did really well, winning a few rounds in her sparring section, and a Bronze in her patterns category. She thoroughly enjoyed her first competition, which proved to be the springboard for her future success. It was very apparent that she was hungry for more medals.

From that moment on, Lola entered and competed in every available competition. Her goal was to win.

It paid off, as she became World Champion for her age group at the 2017 competition in Holland.

What does it take to be World Champion?

Her success is purely down to her positive mind set, determination and the maximum effort that she constantly puts into every training session and class. The commitment that she dedicates to Taekwondo is second to none.

However, her drive to win has never stopped her being a team player. She is always eager to help her fellow students whenever she can.

Despite the pedestal that she has been placed on with her World Champion title, she really just wants to be 'one of the class'.

With Taekwondo You are Always Learning

Lola is currently on course for achieving her Black Belt. Her grading takes place at the end of the month and she has successfully passed 4 out of 6 pre-grading's so far. Despite her ability, she is still finding this very challenging and it is without doubt the most intense part of her training over the last 3 years. Her passion to achieve a black belt at 10 years of age is a huge testament to her character.

At the time of posting this blog, Lola received her black belt!

Lola is a role model for young children

It goes without saying that Lola is excellent at competition level and a fantastic asset to the Club. She selflessly helps other children in her class and now helps to teach the younger children. She’s a wonderful role model who they all look up to and aspire to be like.

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Martial Arts is a great way for children and adults to stay fit, gain self-confidence, and learn respect among other vital life skills. You're never too young or too old to start.

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Lauren Wynn, Instructor TKD Wales